Plain dye – Laboratory – Finishing

Our plain dye department owns one of the most variable and highest quality machineries in the region.

Our machinery provides a flawless dyeing facility:

–        With its dye testing machines of 5 kg, 10 kg,

–        With jet, long horn, HT jigger and atmospheric jigger machines of 100 kg, 200 kg, 300 kg and 400

–        With Pad – Batch dye, brush, burn, sanforizing, calender, Biancalani Aero Due touché machines

Following physical and chemical tests performed at our fully-equipped coloring laboratory, our facility is able to apply dyeing and finishing at worldwide textile standards on weaving and knitted cloths of polyester, nylon, cotton, viscose and floss yarns which include fashionable elasthane cloths

Finishing processes varying on demands offer a wide range of varieties: crimped fabric, non-burning finishing, waterproof finishing, stain resistant finishing, stone and enzyme washing, soft touché and different finishing fabrics.

Our fabrics are vacuumed and readied for shipment after tested in our available accredited laboratories.

Our capacity reaches up to 5.000 tons per year at our dyeing and finishing departments which also serve as commission.